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About Alex Seigfried

A traditionally trained artist with a degree from Temple University (Tyler School of Art), graduating in 2000 with a BFA.  Without much of a portfolio, I began working on a career in website design in early 2001 and expanded into Online Marketing in 2002.  At the time I was working as a freelancer by day, learning the skills to become an expert in HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and Illustrator.  By night I would paint, draw, craft, write... anything to get the artistic juices flowing and hone my abilities.  By 2005 I was running online marketing campaigns for several medium-sized businesses, managing a dozen websites, and working on the new emerging technologies of social media and mobile design.

In 2009 the economy crashed and I had to quickly switch from being a contractor to an in-house designer.  Starting at the Senior Web Designer level I worked to develop a web team and social media team, and began teaching junior designers and staff about online technologies (email, analytics, pay-per-click, etc).  As an experienced Digital Technologist, I brought a high degree of value to my job as well as a full range of design and coding knowledge.  A few years later I was invited to take a job in corporate and headed up the creative efforts of a 900 million dollar US manufacturer. My job included all graphic and digital asset needs for conferences, team leadership, HR initiatives, signage for 25 manufacturing plants, and R&D innovation events.  For five years I worked in corporate, receiving a signing bonus, and three merit raises.  Around 2018 I left manufacturing to work in a SaaS solution provider for stadiums and arenas, POS systems and ticketing were the main goals.  Renovating and relaunching two websites I then spent time working on lead generation via several online channels.  Customers included the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MiLB, Colonial Williamsburg, and other minor league stadium operators.

Covid-19 was a mixed blessing for me because it gave me the time to redevelop my artistic roots.  I was reinvigorated artistically to rebuild my illustration portfolio and start leather crafting. I continue to thrive in the work-from-home culture and gig economy.  After nearly 12 years I'm back doing freelance work again, working my own hours, at my own pace.  Now I'm a man with many skills and a wide array of experience.  A father three times over and a local staple in the arts community within the Greater Delaware Valley area.

One of my goals, since 2020, is to build a vibrant, alternatively-minded, arts community in the local region.  I'm based out of Delaware County but my primary influence can be felt in Wilmington at Bar XIII.  Here I've established an ongoing gallery for local artists who are focused on subcultures, alternative arts, and LGBTQ inclusiveness.  In addition to the gallery I host an open figuring drawing night every first Sunday of the month, focused on alternative models and costumes.  I help promote the bar's other events such as drag shows, burlesque, alternative dance nights, kinky bingo, karaoke, open mic comedy, and various other musical acts.  I hope to expand these activities and include local Zines as well as feature local artists here on this website.

Alex Seigfried
Artist - He/Him