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Devil Series – Illustrations by Alex Seigfried

The Devil Made Me Do It

I'm not sure why I started doing a series of devil illustrations. Maybe it was all the horror movies I'd been watching lately. But I decided to take a more romantic approach. I've got my own devils in my life, and this was a way of embracing them. I'd sketch late into the night, enjoying the process.

Devi's Kiss is definitely influenced by my relationship with Meg.  She's been a loyal companion to me and through all the fire and brimstone, even standing waist-deep in a river of fire, we still look at each other like this.  Acknowledging one another, and being true to what we believe in.

Interrupted is certainly about my artistic work being disturbed by the devils in my life.  A pretty girl, just sighing works into my ear while I try to concentrate on what I'm doing.  She knows I love it, look at her grin.

Trapped is about a recent event that happened in a person's life, who is close to me.  Oh no!  Held against the wall by demons!  It's both scary and... sexy.

I had other ideas to make this series into five illustrations but I've had to put it aside for other work.  Perhaps I'll come back to it one day.