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Leathercraft by Alex Seigfried

Leathercraft is a special medium for me, it is the happy middle ground between materials that I've been looking for over the years.  Sturdy but easily shaped with basic hand tools.  Quality leather will always look and feel 'high end' and I like to think that with each passing year, I get a little bit better at it.  Available for commissions. If you see something you like ask me if I have it in stock or can make it.  If you have your own ideas, I love to work on new projects and will cut you a discount if I haven't made it already.

Book Holster

Great little holster project, the belt is independent so it can be tied any way you like. Loop hooks to a belt or you can run a cord through it and make a shoulder bag. Can make in any color dye you wish, it's a 7mm leather so good and sturdy.

Book Cover

Cut to the size of your book and carved with whatever theme you can dream up. Carvable surfaces are the cover, spine, and inside flaps. Any dye color, several options for lacing thread.

Finger Ring - Heart Cut out

Basic stamps with heart cut out of it, each ring is sized to the finger. Ligher 5mm leather used but still sturdy to put up with a lot of wear and tear. Any color dye.

Decorative Sap / Blackjack

Made with heavy 8mm leather and stiched together for maximum sturdyness. This Sap is filled with two pounds of lead shot and is purely for decoration purposes only. Any dye color available.

Dice Bag

Beautiful dice bag with suede lining and leather thong to tighten it all up. When open it looks like a coffee filter and can be used to roll dice inside the bag. Easily hangs from your belt by strap. Any dye color, any carving on outside of bag.


This particular crown is not for sale, it is an example. Custom carving on multiple pieces, any style or design, any color.

Thigh Bag

This bag fits around the waist and also attached just above the knee, carved on every surface. This bag is not for sale but an example of what a custom bag can look like. I can do any style of bag you're looking to have made.

Spooky Cats Band

So cute! Tiny little black cats watching you. Just need to measure your wrist.

Black Cat Cuff

Simple carved band around the wrist with leather top square. Easy to do any kind of themed design on this type of cuff. Any color.

Lock and Key Cuff

This band has a key hole, key, and various other hardware. Cool little steampunk cuff that looks good in any setting.

Spiked Cuff

Woven leather strips can be decorated with spikes or studs. Any color available. Just need to measure your wrist.

Leaf Band

Carved leaves and painted with acrilic, this is one of my first pieces and people seem to love the design. Just need to measure your wrist.

Flame Cuff

This cuff is wide with a simple flame design on it. Spikes or studs available, any color.

Leather Pins

Tiny, penny size pins made by stamping leather and gluing a pin back onto it. Cheap and easy, great little additions to any outfit.

Arm Guard

This was my first attempt at doing armor. Carved design, studs, and additional ring for leashes. Any color available. Happy to work on any design idea brought to me.