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The artist of the month is Live Lane – Bar XIII Gallery

The artist of the month is Live Lane! Come visit Bar XIII and check out their work at one of our awesome events, during the month of May.
Live Lane is a multidisciplinary visual artist and handpoke tattooer currently living in Delaware. They received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Sculpture from the University of the Arts.
Live’s body of work mainly focuses on reusing or recycling materials to create a more sustainable art practice. They find great joy in giving an object/material the chance to find a new life. Live primarily plays with textures and colors to invite the viewer into a world just slightly set aside from that which humans are most commonly used to living in.
Weaving themes of wonder and childlike fantasy alongside a deep river of emotion and sentimentality, Live connects with spirit to create these physical manifestations of energy.
If you would like to be considered as a monthly featured artist in the Bar XIII Gallery, contact Alex Seigfried at  We are always looking for artist with a focus on subcultures, alternative arts, horror, goth, magic, kink, LGBTQ+, psychedelic and more.