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Websites, Content, and Marketing

Services Available

The following are services that can be purchased as a one-off project or a negotiated monthly contract.

Service List


Creation of Website - WordPress

Includes - Setup of domain, host, WordPress, WordPress Theme via, basic SEO markup, creation of Google account, submission of sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, installation of Google Analytics, editing of photos, and basic copy.

Does not include - Monthly maintenance. Cost of domain, and cost of hosting, these charges will be put on a credit card of your choice.

Maintenance of Website

Included - Updates to WordPress, WordPress plugins and theme, domain, and hosting. Making sure the website is up and functioning, handling any problems the site may be experiencing. Copy updates, photo updates, and creation of 1 new page per month.

Does not include - Creation of new content via graphics, videos, or writing extensive blog/news posts.

Google Ads

Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Creation of campaigns, ad groups, ads (text and banner), sitelinks, click to call, remarketing, and more. A powerful tool for advertising on Google search results, I will help you develop and maintain a campaign on a month to month basis. You set your budget (not included in the $300) and I'll take care of the rest.

Analytics & Analysis - Monthly reports on keywords, ad performance, visitors and other important data. I also provide a list of next steps and suggestions so that we can keep your campaign running at the maximum ROI achievable.

Google Local Business Ads

Included - Setup of account, verification, updating of information, and one month of ads/posts.

Does not include - Reputation management (Reviews) or Local SEO (better rank, which is out of my control anyway as Google uses location of visitor).

Social Media Content & Ads

Included - Creation of posts, ads, images, video, and copy in supported formats for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and other platforms (on request). Distribution on a schedule and follow up metrics on performance at end of campaign.

Does not include - Budget for running the ads,  your budget will depend on several factors such as location, and length of time the campaign runs.

Email Campaigns

Included - Using MailChimp we can send email communications to your list, I will provide copy based off your special or announcement (if desired) or advice on improving your communications. Graphics, if any. Metrics on campaign performance a week later. 1 resend to DID NOT OPENS.

Does not include - Multiple re-writes, building of email list. If you do not have an existing email list or way to collect emails (forms), that can be provided for an additional fee of $50 (one-time). If your email list is over MailChimp's 'free' limitation (2000 emails), the cost of a premium account is your responsibility.

Consulting - Analysis & Next Steps

An initial review of your website and online marketing capabilities are a good place to start. I can look at your website and marketing campaigns, offer my advice on what is working and what is not, possible improvements, and recommended reading for further education. It's a pleasure to illuminate the sometimes murky aspects of websites, online marketing, and online technology in a way a lay person can understand. Keep it simple and straightforward, that's my moto.

Photo Editing & Branding

Included - Editing of existing photos, discovery of free stock photo options, creation of logos, branding of websites and marketing properties. Also, other unique pieces of content like basic videos, illustration, or scanning of original documents for digitization. I have the full set of tools, Adobe Creative Suite, and over 15 years of experience using them. I am a traditionally trained artist, capable of producing painted, illustrated, drawn artwork in both hard media and digital formats.

Note - Depending on the work required, estimates can vary widely, however most simple edits and updates to a website/blog/marketing campaign will usually run under $30. Where as, a new logo and creation of branding documents can run in the 100s of dollars.

SEO & Schema Markup

Included - Evaluation of your current SEO markup and conversation about your goals. Changing the code on your site to comply with industry standard meta tagging, alt tagging, and headers to maximize keyword ROI/quality of page information. Suggestions on possible restructuring of pages and content on website, if necessary. Any additional suggestions on linking, lists, reviews, schema markup (when applicable), etc.

Does not include - Editing the structure of your website, moving pages around, changing domains, or monthly updates on improvement/progress.